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Our Dedication is not just to our customers,  it is to our available puppies we provide for brand new families and repeat customers.  We love all of our sweet puppies and precious parent dogs very much.  They are all a part of our family and daily lives. We raise wonderful puppies both pure breeds and designer breeds and they are our pride and joy!  My family and I started this venture together and have come to learn that it is our passion.  We desire to insure that our wonderful puppies are happy!  Making sure that great puppies are matched with great pet owners is something we strive for. Our puppies have been known to bring a smile to both the young and the young at heart.  All of our puppies have great dispositions and will provide your family with great times now and for years to come!

When my mother, my daughter and I decided to raise puppies we were unsure of all the hard work that it would bring.  But, the first time we witnessed the eyes of a grown up – light up like a child at Christmastime – the sight of that new precious puppy – we knew it would be worth it all in the end!

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Sonya and Family